Mother to Child Womans' Health and Nutrition(MCWH&N)


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  • Strengthen access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services
    • Provision of quality sexual and reproductive health services by health care providers on wide range of contraceptive methods
    • Integration of sexual reproductive health to other health services
    • Promote Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) for low birth weight babies
    • Facilitate establishment of Kangaroo Mother Care units in all delivering facilities
    • Monitoring implementation of KMC guidelines and protocols at all delivering facilities
  • Implement Integrated School Health Programme in Quintile 1 - 4 schools and Special Schools
  • Decrease child and maternal mortality
    • Monitor implementation of protocols and guidelines on management of conditions leading to maternal deaths quarterly.
    • Monitor implementation of basic and comprehensive emergency obstetric signal functions in all delivering sites quarterly
    • Improve community awareness on maternal health issues and MomConnect registration of all pregnant women
    • Improve Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses coverage through distance training
    • Implementation of 10 steps to treat Severe Acute malnutrition (SAM) in PHC clinics and Hospitals



















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