Mec Manopole Urges The Greenpoint Community To Remain Calm, There Is No One Showing Symptoms Of Covid-19

Following last night’s demonstration by the community of Greenpoint in Kimberley that was triggered by information that a person who recently travelled from China back into the country was suspected to have contracted the coronavirus. The Northern Cape MEC for Health, Ms Mase Manopole today wish to allay fears in the communities that the person in question doesn’t show any symptoms of the disease – COVID-19, or any other illness upon examination at the Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital.

The person in question has been screened through the ports of entry in both the country he departed from as well as in our country. He was advised to practice self-quarantine at home and to report to a health facility in case of any symptoms related to the disease caused by the coronavirus should appear. The person adhered strictly to the requirements of the self-quarantine by wearing a surgical mask to protect his immediate family and minimise the risk of transmission.

The person is currently asymptomatic and was seen at the RMSH and declared safe to the community for self-quarantine, and be constantly monitored for a period of 14 days. After 14 days, tests will be done to determine his status. He is currently kept at the hospital for the sole reason of protecting him from any potential aggression. MEC Manopole will engage further with the Greenpoint community tomorrow (11 March 2020).

We have also noted a series of fake news circulating on social media platforms, by perpetrators who seek to create unnecessary panic across the province. As a community, we often use humour to help us to cope during adversity. It’s one of our strengths. Let’s remember that even as we laugh, we should be cautious not to spread fake news, or insensitive or prejudiced views, about the coronavirus.
The MEC appeal with members of the community to not share fake news or rumours and to rather verify such information by calling the National COVID-19 Hotline on 0800 029 999.

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