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Certain activities, when commenced, are deemed to be in contravention of our environmental legislation. These activities may have a detrimental affect on the natural environment in accordance with Section 24 of our National Environmental Management Act (NEMA).  Some of the activities that trigger environmental violations include but are not limited to the following:

Activiy2: Construction or earth moving activities in the sea or within 100 meters inland of the high-water mark of the sea, in respect of:

Facilities for the storage of material and the maintenance of vessels
Fixed or floating jetties and slipways
Tidal pools
Stabilising walls

These infringements may manifest as boardwalks that property owners have illegally erected to gain access to the beach which in so doing either damage or remove indigenous vegetation. Section 24G in terms of the above example pertain to property owners who convert open spaces into an extension of their gardens by landscaping dunes and planting kikuyu grass or who have removed dune systems to accommodate for ocean views.  The commencement of these activities requires prior written authorization from our Department.

Examples of 24G applications previously received by our Department:

Application for rectification of illegal construction of chicken houses.
Application for rectification of illegal construction of a solvent procession plant.
Applications for rectification of illegal installation of underground diesel fuel storage tanks.

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S24G Application Form

S24G EIA Report

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