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The Premier of the Northern Cape, Ms Sylvia Lucas, accompanied by the Members of the Executive Council responsible for Cooperative Governance and Human Settlements, Mr Bentley Vass and Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, Mr Mack Jack, and senior government officials from the respective Departments met with Mayors and Municipal Managers from nine municipalities that have been plagued by community protests over the last few weeks. The Provincial Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General R. Shivuri formed part of the discussions intended to develop an intervention plan to put an end to these protests.

The Premier and MEC’s are especially concerned at the levels of violence, looting and destruction of property that in some instances played out during the protests.  Municipalities cited service delivery challenges as a motivating factor behind some of the protests but in other instances it had been determined that rogue elements that hid behind the protests for purposes of destabilising communities and serving their own selfish interest.

As Provincial and Local Government we are committed to work with all communities affected by service delivery challenges. The Premier also stated categorically that we are deeply disturbed by the violent protests because community protests should, as a rule, not be accompanied by violence, destruction of public property, and it should not infringe on the rights of other citizens. Genuine grievances should be tabled in a manner that subscribe to peaceful negotiation and resolution.

The meeting resolved on the following:

  • Municipalities should have regular engagements with communities through the Council meets the people programme. The Integrated Development Plan engagements should also be used as an opportunity to engage the communities on the development that will take place in their municipal jurisdiction
  • Communities should also be empowered on what their responsibilities are as it pertains to paying for services as an example.
  • The Department of Cooperative Governance and Human Settlements will further engage with municipalities to develop a plan to address within the resources available the service delivery challenges.
  • Municipalities and communities form a very important part of development and where there is disharmony, this will not be achieved. Efforts should therefore always be made to work as partners
  • Weekly monitoring will take place to ensure that the grievances, within reason and again with resources available, are successfully resolved and further engagements will also be held with all municipalities.

In cases where there are clear indications of violence and looting, the individuals or organizations involved will be subjected to the relevant law enforcement processes.

Ms Lucas made an appeal to the community to cooperate with Government as we work towards stabilising the communities and seeking lasting solutions to the service delivery challenges. She also made the appeal that community members should not allow themselves to be misled by opportunistic individuals with a destructive and selfish agenda. Government remains committed to bring much-needed services to the people of this Province and this can only be done effectively when we work together. Good governance should prevail at all times.

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