National Strategic Plan for HIV, TB and AIDS

National Strategic Plan for HIV, TB and STI’s

Although considerable efforts and progress has been made in response to challenges of HIV/ AIDS, TB and STI’S, our life expectancy has been improved, by reducing incidents of maternal mortalities, and mother to child transmissions etc. The National Strategic plan as the overarching plan for HIV/AIDS and TB, aims to reduce new HIV infections by more than 60% by 2022.
Towards this end, 8 goals have been established, that are supported and coupled by clear objectives and sub objectives.

Goal 1: Accelerate the prevention to reduce new HIV and TB infections and STI’s

Objective1.1 Reduce new infections to less than 100 000 by 2022 through combination prevention interventions
Sub-objective 1.1.1 Revitalise information, education and communication programmes in school,    health, workplace and community settings
Sub-objective 1.1.2 Implement targeted biomedical prevention services tailored to setting and population
Sub-objective 1.1.3 Provide sensitive and age appropriate sexual and reproductive health services and comprehensive sexuality education
Sub- objective 1.1.4 Provide pre exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to identified risk populations
Sub- objective 1.1.5 Provide targeted services to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV and syphilis in the prenatal and post-natal period

Objective 1.2    Reduce TB incidence by at least 30% from 834/100,000 population in 2015 to less than 584/100,000 by 2022
Sub- objective 1.2.1 Increase coverage of Preventive Therapy Uptake
Sub-objective 1.2.2 Promote TB infection control

Objective 1.3. Significantly reduce T Pallidum, gonorrhoea and chlamydia infections, virtually eliminate congenital syphilis, and maintain high coverage of HPV vaccination
Sub-objective 1.3.1 Scale up STI prevention by providing high quality health information and timely health services for persons at risk
Sub-objective 1.3.2 Scale up and maintain high levels of HPV vaccination in grade 4 learners
Sub-objective 1.3.3 Develop and implement effective STI partner notification strategies

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